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Our History

Lakeside Memorial Park is the largest and most beautiful independently-owned memorial space in the greater Illawarra area.

Formerly used as farm land, in the early 1960s, a consortium of local business men formed to develop the site into a cemetery. In 1967, Jack Hansen acquired the interest of his business partners and became the sole owner until InvoCare acquired Lakeside Memorial Park in 1994.

The first burial in the park took place in 1964, and in 1980 a crematorium was added to the grounds. In order to meet the funeral and memorial needs of the communities that had settled in the Illawarra, in 1993 Lakeside Memorial Park built and opened The Crypts of the Sacred Heart, which remain the grandest above ground burial spaces in the region.

Originally designed to challenge the dour notions of what a cemetery looks like, Lakeside Memorial Park is a wide, open, light and airy space; a peaceful place set amongst a sprawling natural setting.

Compare us to other cemeteries in the area, which can be bewildering and crowded places, and you will see that Lakeside Memorial Park remains true to its original vision and sets a new standard for cemeteries in the area.

Today, Lakeside Memorial Park remains an Australian-owned and operated business that is committed to serving all of people and faiths of Wollongong and the greater Illawarra region.

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