Burial memorial options


A memorial plays an important part in the burial process. It creates a permanent record of the burial site, which becomes a place where memories can be revisited, emotions explored, as well as a place where future generations can come to visit.

You and your family have many choices and options for a personalised and meaningful burial memorial.

Your Family Service Advisor will assist you by explaining all available options and answering all of your questions so that you may make informed and appropriate decisions.


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Heritage Estate at Lakeside Memorial Park

Heritage Estate

An elegant individual memorial which can be built to include as many people as required. Suits families who wish to be together. Personalise by your choice of plants, headstone and finish of garden surround.

Rock Estate at Lakeside Memorial Park

Rock Estate

Can be arranged for as many people as needed and is headed by a beautiful granite garden displaying the family name on a bronze plaque. A choice of plants is available and each site will have a large bronze plaque.

Headstones & Lawns

Chair Memorial at Lake Macquarie Memorial Park


Made from granite so the beauty and finish is long-lasting. A huge range of styles and colours - both single and double. All headstones are engraved with gold, silver or white lettering.

Lawn Burials at Lakeside Memorial Park

Lawn Site

A choice of bronze plaques which can include emblems, photos and a verse to make it special for each family. These plaques are enhanced by a granite base which comes in a variety of colours.

Magnolia Grove at Lakeside Memorial Park

Magnolia Grove

A modern lawn burial option with a granite base and finished with a bronze plaque.

Magnolia Grove at Lakeside Memorial Park

Olive Grove

A lawn burial option in a serene area of the park, marked by a bronze plaque set within the garden under the olive trees.


New developments are now available.

Crypts at Lakeside Memorial Park

Stations of the Cross

A burial memorial for two featuring a crucifix and plaque with a choice of polished and natural stone headstones.

Stations of the Cross at Lakeside Memorial Park